Diablo III Demon Hunter Builds

Welcome to the Diablo III Demon Hunter builds section.

General Builds:

 Elemental Arrow Build

 1.0.8 Strafe:Demolition Build by TianZi

 1.0.8 Rapid Fire MP10 Build by Cameo

 Bola Echoing Blast Build

 Multi Shot Build by Sukoshi

 Rain of Vengeance Build

 Budget Cluster Arrow Build by Mukunda

Trap Builds:

 Spike Trap Build by Wynta

 Scatter Build by lia

Defensive Builds:

 "Tanky" Demon Hunter Build by Hoofy

Boss Killing Builds:

 Spike Trap Inferno Belial Build by cs

 Solo Inferno Diablo Build by HC

 Solo Inferno Diablo Build by MrFalsers

PVP Builds:

 Impale PVP Build by Oscar

Keyfarming Builds:

 DH Keyfarming Build by hackjob

Other DH Builds:

 Elemental Arrow Build by Lumidelle

 Demon Hunter Build by igdub

 DH Rapid Rocketeer Build By TC

 Demon Hunter Build by Vapes

 Invisible Demon Hunter Build by Tommy Gun

Other Builds

 Elemental Arrow Build by Lettuce

 Elemental Arrow Build by int3r4ct

 Demon Hunter Solo Build 

 Demon Hunter Inferno Build

 DH Build by soylent

 Ranger Demon Hunter Build  by Velexia

 Demon Hunter Inferno Farming Build by Rmpz

 Inferno Crit Build Spec by DNE

 Demon Hunter Level 60 Build by Dog

 Demon Hunter Hell Build by BBG

Nightmare and Hell Builds:

 Demon Hunter Nightmare Butcher Build by Lurker

 Demon Hunter Nightmare Build by Prplcheez

 Demon Hunter Hell + Kite Build by Unknown

 DH Normal / NM Build by Lok

 Hell and Beyond Demon Hunter Build by IZ

 Demon Hunter Nightmare Build

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