Demon Hunter Inferno Spike Trap Belial Build / Strategy

Post SS Nerf Demon Hunter Inferno Spike Trap Belial Build and strategy submitted by cs_83.
  • Vault - Tumble
  • Spike Trap - Scatter
  • Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning
  • Hungering Arrow - Shatter Shot
  • Preparation - Battle Scars (could have swapped this out in hindsight for Backup Plan or Focused Mind)
  • Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog
  • Steady Aim, Sharpshooter, Archery
Pretty much my standard skill set, aside from spike traps, which are normally caltrops.

As phase 1 starts I dropped spikes on one side of the minions and killed them immediately and then moved to that side. I then always hide spikes down and targeted the snakes that spawned the closest to me.

Once phase 2 starts I burned him down, it's timer based when the snakes spawn, so if you can get him to transition (25%) relatively quickly, you can avoid dealing with too many snakes. Same tactic as phase 1, keep traps near me to kill close snakes.

Phase 3 was actually the easiest. I stood on the right hand side of the platform, waited for the green circle, moved to the right, waited for the next one, moved to the left, and then moved a bit further left then that to make sure I was out of range of the double smash. When he begins channeling just make sure you're moving 100%. If you get comfortable with it you can do some damage in between.

Dealing with phase 1 and 2 was the most difficult, there's some RNG involved when it comes to snake spawns, but when the spike traps it works well.

As a side note, I tried Frost Arrow rune for Elemental Arrow to deal with the adds better in p1/p2, which worked, but I was unable to burn him as fast as I wanted to in p2, so I stuck with tendrils.

Paperdoll DPS for me was somewhere between 80-85k with sharpshooter. Did not have a cold damage weapon, would have helped a ton.