Demon Hunter Inferno Spike Trap Build

Demon Hunter Inferno Spike Trap Build (Post SS Nerf.) submitted by lia.


One word... Traps. With this build I am able to keep running endlessly kiting mobs until they die.

Primary - Entangling Shot - Chain Gang. ( For keeping mobs very slow.)

Secondary - Spike Trap - Scatter. ( allows for placement of 3 traps, if done right you can make mobs hit all 3.)

1 - Preparation - Back up Plan. ( Used for a constant supply for Caltrops.)

2 - Caltrops - Jagged Spikes. ( Used for Massive Dot Effect,and slow.)

3 - Summon Companion - Bat. ( Used for keeping hate high for Spike traps.)

4 - Mark of Death - Grim reaper. (Does massive Aoe Damage when used with caltrops and spike trap.)

Passive Skills

Cull of the Weak. (obvious really, slowed mobs take more damage)

Perfectionist. ( Reduces cost of all disp skills. really helpful for caltrops and MOD.)

Custom Engineering. ( Caltrops last 100% longer when triggered.)

With this build I was able to solo act 1-3 so far on inferno difficulty, Including the Pony Level.