Ranger Demon Hunter Build

Ranger Demon Hunter Build by Velexia.

The Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#acXdhl!YeT!bcccZZ

Description: From playing the beta, I fell in love with Hungering Arrow, especially when using dual haxbows. Giving it a chance to split into more arrows just seems awesome.

Rapid fire has also easily become a favorite, great for bosses and masses of enemies alike... throw in grenades on top? I'm sold.

Smoke Screen and Vault are great for keeping the baddies at bay, plus with the choking gas and trail of cinders runes you turn them into pretty effective second-hand damage dealers as well =D

Fan of Knives with Retaliate will totally murderlyze any groups of enemies trying to mob you.

Rain of Vengeance with Beastly Bombs will save the Hatred for your Rapid Fire, while giving you occasional AoE damage.

Finally the passive skills are all aimed at maximizing your damage output.