Demon Hunter Inferno Farming Guide

Demon Hunter Inferno Farming Guide submitted by Lettuce.

I am currently in Act 4 inferno, and can handily kill almost any champion/elite pack I come across.

This build is extremely easy to use and effortlessly deals with practically all champions, elites, and even bosses.!YTe!aabZZc

This build relies on our most powerful ability, Ball Lightning (Previously Nether Tentacles) This ability is absolutely ridiculous, it melts every enemy in its path and also deals massive damage to bosses. Ball Lightning can also hit some mobs twice, dealing even more damage(especially to large bosses, such as Azmodan, Belial, etc). Because of this, it is really easy to build up the nephalem valor buff and then destroy a boss for maximum loot.

Entangling Shot is very helpful for snaring those champion/elite packs. Since these packs usually come in 3s or 4s, the chain gang rune becomes very useful.

Ball Lightning, is great for both single target and AoE. There are other alternatives though. Since the NT nerf, other options have opened up, and so far I have been most effective with either Ball Lightning or Frost Arrow.

The first ability, rain of vengeance with stampede, forces packs of champions/elites to be constantly knocked back, allowing maximum damage with nether tentacles. I should note that the elite mob itself will not be knocked back, only his minions.

The companion bat is very useful for generating that extra hatred to allow nether tentacles to be constantly spammed. You can literally burn down champions/elites before your hatred gauge reaches 0.

Smoke Screen is essential. Smoke screen allows us to break those pesky snares and roots, deflect damage, and evade mob attacks. I prefer the lingering fog rune, which gives you more time to deal maximum damage. Every second is crucial.

And finally, preparation. This ability allows us to reset our discipline and continue to smoke screen to pump out damage. With a 30% chance to not trigger the cooldown, you may find yourself able to constantly smoke screen and evade all sorts of precarious situations.

As for my gear, I went with the "glass cannon" route. I basically just use any item that increases my overall damage. I stack dexterity, crit, whatever I can get my hands on. I am currently running with around 12k hp and 77k dps (with SS), which obviously means I am very fragile. However, with proper use of kiting and maneuvering I never really get hit.

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Faming Locations

Act I
Select the Quest "The Imprisoned Angel", and choose the part where you must kill the Warden. Now I like to first go to the cemetery of the forsaken and build up my nephalem valor buff to around 3-4 stacks, and then head to the cursed hold.

There will be around 2-4 packs of champions/elite to finish up the 5 stack, and then killing the warden yields tons of loot. After the Warden head straight to the butcher, which again drops massive loot. I was able to farm up enough loot myself to get me through Act II easily, without visiting the auction house once.

Act II
Select the Quest "The Black Soulstone", and choose the part where you must confront Zoltan Kulle. Now I like to head to the desolate sands, specifically the Vault of the Assassin zone. All of the mobs in this zone are very easy to deal with (very few invisible snakes and no jumping huntresses).

Now you can simply port directly to Zoltan Kulle. There is a strategy I use, call it what you will, but I like to say its "clever use of ingame mechanics". First off, nether tentacles will kill his two stone giants in seconds, so its just you and Kulle. Now run around the circle in the center, and Zolten Kulle will be "stuck" on the other side. You can now stand in one spot and burn him down with only having to avoid the tornadoes if they get close.

I like to start out on the quest "Machines of War". Nether tentacles decimate the catapults and it is fairly easy to build up a 5 stack of nephalem valor. Continue across the bridge and you will fight the boss the Siegebreaker. This boss is really easy, just run around in circles and let nether tentacles do the rest!

Alternatively, you may start out on the quest "The Siegebreaker". This gives you the waypoint pretty much directly in front of the Siegebreaker's room. You can then build up the 5 stack nephalem valor buff elsewhere, and simply use the waypoint to reach his room quickly.

Act IV
I have some trouble on the early bosses in this act, probably because I am not quite geared enough for them, so I just start on the quest "Beneath the Spire" and build up a 5 stack of nephalem valor and farm champions/elites.

A few tips:

-Movement speed on boots really helps kiting. The faster you are able to put distance on enemies, the quicker they will die.

-More maximum Discipline. I have a quiver with +8 discipline, and because of this I can use smoke screen 3 times in a row, preparation, and then smoke screen 3 more times. If the preparation cooldown reset, you can do it another 3 more times... and laugh as enemies die before you even break a sweat.

I think this build is extremely easy to use and since the demon hunter has very unique kiting abilities and defensive skills, inferno really is no trouble at all.

Happy Hunting!