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Inferno Act I Farming Guide

Guide submitted by coelomate.

Statistics: 1 run takes me ~30 minutes, including vendoring.

I use a Wizard with Teleport - Wormhole to move quickly.

Item Pick-up philosophy: Too many trips to town can kill run speed. I pick up all rare ilvl 61+ items, and of course any legendaries that drop. I also always pick up gems. (As well as demonic essences, but thats a given)

  • Optional Step 0) Start a game using "The Imprisoned Angel - The Cursed Hold" quest per a normal butcher run. Once the game starts, WP to the northern highlands and run west. If the watch tower didn't spawn (25-50% spawn rate dungeon with 1-6 elite mobs, 0-1 resplendant chests, and 0-1 treasure goblins) re-make the game. If it did spawn, we'll come back with 5 stacks (since treasure goblins respond to stacks).
Edit: Here's a pic of what to look for. It's often a bit further from the WP, but always on that western edge:http://i.imgur.com/dNOng.jpg
  • Step 1) Go to the festering woods. There are 2 guaranteed small dungeons with a champion pack in each. You should find at least 1 champion in the area. Town portal out and way point back inbetween.
  • Step 2) With 2-3 (probably 3) stacks, go to the cemetery  There are 3 small dungeons each with 1-2 champions. Since they might only have one, leave (town portal -> waypoint) as soon as you kill the first). This gets you to 5 stacks. Clear all the tombs even if you get 5 early.
  • Step 3) WP to leoric's manner. Run back through the manner (0-1 packs) and outside. The courtyard has a guaranteed pack.
  • Step 6) Optional WP back to the northern highlands and clear the watch tower.
  • Step 7) Optional key farming - If you are playing with Monster Power, go to the Fields of Misery and kill the Keywarden there.
  • Step 8) Optional - go to each other WP and check for very close / obvious champion packs. A lot of areas got density.

A note on large areas: Patch 1.0.8 update: Monster density has been increased, so most areas are worth searching these days, large areas, small areas, caves, all contain a lot more mobs than before, and in the future blizzard has said they will also be buffing any remaining areas that do not have good mob density.

Butcher Inferno Runs on Youtube

Submitted by Soy Beans

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