Invincible Demon Hunter Build

Invincible Demon Hunter Build by soylentr3d.

I've been able to solo up until hell Belial (Currently powerleveling until 60, then I'll use the AH to buy some Inferno gear. I've only died to Belial to my own stupidity.) Smoke Screen makes you invulnerable for the duration, and this build allows you to use it very often. The bat increases your hatred regeneration for chakrams (Fixed, thanks Jo_k_3r.)

With this build you can stand in the middle of anything and not take any damage. When you run out of discipline use preparation. The best way is to time it when you're low on health for the heal. I've considered switching hungering arrow for the skill that kites and throws the chains out with the frost rune.

I believe Smoke Screen is over-powered and will be seeing a nerf very soon. With this build you should be invulnerable to all damage a good portion of the time, while dealing out very good DPS. I would also suggest using a bow as the passive seems to benefit it the most without min-maxing your gear. Additionally, the skill in the first keyboard slot is excellent because of the knockback. This affects all champions in hell. It should be used as an utility skill most the time.

Also, one of the tricks to using Smoke Screen is waiting until an enemy begins their swing animation. When it's half way through activate it. They will maintain threat on you for a few seconds afterwards. This is a great way to off-tank when playing in public or cooperative games.

The build:!Yfe!aabbZZ