Demon Hunter Solo Inferno Diablo Build

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Solo Inferno Diablo Build submitted by HotCookies.

Patch: 1.0.2 (1,5 sec SS). Below is a video of me killing Inferno Diablo on my Demon Hunter with 5 valor stacks. I have arround 220k dps (193k on video).

You can see my gear at the end of the video, you'll need to pause it.

My skills are:
  • Smoke- Screen Lingering Fog
  • Companion- Bat
  • Preparation- Backup Plan
  • Marked For Death- Mortal Enemy
  • Hungering Arrow- Shatter Shot
  • Elemental Arrow- Nether Tentacles (Switched to Ball Lightning after patch 1.0.3)
  • Passives are: archery,sharpshooter and steady aim.

I prefer Critical hit over attack speed. Phase 1 is pretty simple Phase 2 is the hardest imo because you have to time everything so well. I kill the first shadow clone because i have the sharpshooter stacked, i avoid rest of them Phase 3 must be the easiest .

I don't skip cutscenes because I want my discipline to reg and have preparation off cooldown.

I have arround 300%+ mf gear but you can see the loot at the end.