Demon Hunter Build

Demon Hunter Build submitted by igdub.

The build:!YeX!YacZcY

Build Description:

I'm at 30% crit with caltrops so my discipline gathers rather fast and I'm dumping it with shadow power for survivability. It's a miraclesaver from many situations when activated quickly.

While leveling, I'd highly recommed rain of vengenace with stampede, it's amazing.

Same with caltrops but with another rune, 80% slow / immobilize depending on your preference.

The third must (in my opinion) is twin chakrams, that skill is just blatantly OP.

The other two are kinda optional, I've always been a huge fan of vault but avoid combining too many discipline hoggers.

A Few Notes:

1) The main skills were without a doubt vault, caltrips (later twin), hungering arrow. Rest was stuff that works around it. All of those should be acquirable rather early.

2) Normal was 100% solo, and I never had to farm. Only thing that changes with loot was how fast the mobs died, they are really easy to kite if there's a need for it.

3) Glass cannon works fine since monsters often hit for ridiculous amounts of damage so you can't tank them anyway and while dex = dmg, it also grants me 33% dodge (at ~1300 dex) and dodge works on almost everything (aoe spells and such). +shadow power with 65% reduction is helpful, activates instantly if you see something you can't avoid.

Templar was a great tank/healer at normal for me, he really kept my health up if I got hit while kiting. I also soloed nm act 1 and a bit of act 2, it went smoothly.

All you have to get used to is kiting and then you're going to do great. Some monsters try to disrupt it but e.g. vortex monsters rarely hit you before you can vault away.

Inferno mobs seriously hit hard, everything that's bigger than a spider usually oneshots me. This is damage that happens on a 4man game. Nevertheless, I don't get hit that often and I can survive hits from the weakest enemies, which are the ones that usually might get close to me so no problem there :)