Demon Hunter Impale PVP Build

Here is a Demon Hunter PVP Build submitted by Oscar.


This is simply an example of a usable spec for PVP. You'll note that certain abilities that do not get commonly used at higher level gear permutations are being used here.

Impale Chemical Burn is one of the few DoT abilities we have, and works amazingly well against other players. Between this and Cluster Arrow LFB, you should have no trouble downing targets with such high burst damage.

Spitfire turrets are to make use of the rockets, which can turn corners and follow players even if they go invisible, allowing you to track them. You'll notice that Sharpshooter is also being used in this spec as much of the "cat and mouse" time allows for significant build up of your critical hit chance and make sure that when you do it, you make it count.

Many players will also choose to use Companion Boar as well as Evasive Fire: Covering Fire, which is great, but does less damage (especially considering those high HP barbs these days) though requires practically 0 aiming. Big plus, it hits multiple targets

Gearing: Heavy weighting toward EHP with significantly less weighting toward DPS. Add as much discipline as you can for added survival with smoke screen spams. As players are considered "Elite" targets, high level Stones of Jordan (28-30% Bonus Elite damage) are valuable. Try to choose one with a skill bonus you use frequently.