Diablo III Monk Builds

Welcome to the Diablo III Monk builds section.

General Monk Builds:

 DW Combination Strike Build by KL

 New to Inferno: >200k Build

 Wave of Light Build

 Mojo's Ninja Build

 Inferno Party Build

 Dodge Inferno Build by MetalMusicMan

 Monk Inferno Build by Unknown

Good Solo Builds:

 Monk Inferno Azmodan Solo Build by Changg

 Monk Solo Inferno Diablo Build by cloudstrifed

Inferno Act 2 Builds:

 FoT Inferno Act 2 Build by KravenLupei

 Monk Inferno Act 2 Farming Build by Byron

Tank Builds:

 Elite Tank Build by Davegri

Notable Monk Guides:

 1.0.8 Monk Guide by Nmitty

 General Monk Guide by Kyo

 More Monk Guides

Support Builds:

 Monk Group Healer Build by Brindle

 1.0.8 MP10 Group Farming Build by Fitz

 1.0.8 Tank / CC / Party Support Build by Demo

 Pure Support Monk Build by RV

Other Builds:

 Hell and Nightmare Monk Build

 Monk Mid Level Build

Submit Build:

 Submit a Monk Build