"Tanky" Demon Hunter Build

"Tanky" Demon Hunter Build submitted by Hoofy.
Sup folks.

I have seen a lot of people saying what to do now after the SS nerf well, I think I have came up with a build that can be considered "tank".


Primary - Hungering Arrow
Rune - Spray of teeth
With the help of sharpshooter(which myself have learned to get away from) You'll be criting in no time so that nice 50% dmg done to enemies in the area is a great thing to have when fighting a big mob.

Secondary - Elemental Arrow
Rune - Frost Arrow/Lighting bolts
Now this can go either way, I do not use caltrops in this build so either two of these runes will help slow that mob down that is closing in behind you. (Lightning bolts is good to use if you are using the sharpshooter passive.)

Hunting - Vault
Rune - Tumble
Now when it comes to the rune...to each is there own. But the one good thing that they have done with vault now is it is able to brake jailors and Stuns(not to sure on stuns). But tumble is a nice safe choice.

Devices - Sentry
Rune - Guardian Turret
Since I started playing this game I always wanted to use the sentry. But its cost prior to update being 15 discipline made it very unattractive, but now it costs hatred! And you can have two! Even three! And it actually does damage! (depnding on passive)

I picked the rune for its dmg reduction. When used with the next skill helps it even more.

Defensive- Shadow Power
Rune - Gloom
I have been trying out SP ever since the nerf on SS and when standing in the radius of sentry (provided you have the guardian rune)

Makes for a very nice damage reduction while you gain health with every shot.

Hunting - Preparation
Rune - Backup plan

Preparation is always nice with all the vaulting you'll be doing and popping in and out of SP. Now when looking at builds this is when everyone always says use Battle Scars for the life gain. No. That is improper way to use the skill. Because I bet you can tell me plenty of time you popped preparation just for the life heal and next thing you know you are out of discipline and perp is in cooldown. With  back up plan a 30% chance doesn't really sound like a great chance, but I have had prep pop around 4 times before I actually had to wait for the cooldown.

I hope this helps someone and happy gaming.

On a side note....try not to pop the sentry when those mean old reflect dmg come at you.