Demon Hunter Solo Build

Demon Hunter Solo Build by Reat.

Here's a build I've been using while soloing, but it seems like it could stand as a decent tank for group play as well.

The basic strategy is to stand in the front lines with a 1hand xbow and shield, drop caltrops and spam spike traps and Marked for Death at your feet.

At the very least, this is a great survival build, and it doesn't have the problems more typical builds do against waller/jailer enemies.

The Build:!VUe!YbZccZ


Primary: Grenades (Stun Grenades)
Secondary: Spike Trap (Long Fuse)
Skill 1: Fan of Knives (Retaliate) or Marked for Death (Valley of Death)
Skill 2: Caltrops (Bait the Trap)
Skill 3: Sentry (Guardian Turret)
Skill 4: Companion (Bat Companion)

Passive 1: Numbing Traps
Passive 2: Custom Engineering
Passive 3: Archery

Play Style:

Between Guardian Turret and Numbing Traps, you can have up to 40% damage reduction. This holds true as long as you are standing in your caltrops and either the enemy is as well, or you're spamming Spike Traps at their feet if they're ranged.

Even with a shield, the damage this build can pump out is excellent, since it uses the highest damaging skills that are usually to difficult to use if you rely on kiting (Long Fuse Spike Traps, and Retaliate Fan of Knives). It also gets +20% crit from Archery and Bait the Trap, so make sure to use a +crit damage gem in your weapon. It does use hatred very quickly, which is why I recommend using the Bat Companion.

If you're in a group you'll probably get more mileage out of Marked for Death than Fan of Knives. You'll also find that you don't have to be the taking the damage for all the damage reducing effects to work, and for those silly sods who want a melee DH, this build works perfectly for that as well.