Diablo III Tools & Useful Links

Rankings: (Ladder)

 Diablo Progress (D3 Ladder / Rankings)

Item Tools:

 RoS Gem Calculator

 Loot Hunter

 D3UP (Build Creator and More)

 Item Simulator Tool

HP Tools:

 Effective Health Pool Calculator

DPS Tools:

 Damage Calculator

 Diablo III CM/WW Wizard DPS Simulator

 Damage Reduction Tool

Paragon / XP Tools and Charts:

 Paragon Lvl 1-100 Chart

 Paragon Level Calculator

 EXP Spreadsheet Breakdown 1.0.8

 Bonus Experience Calculator

Diablo 3 Android Apps:

 Free Diablo III Armory App for Android


Diablo 3 Dictionary (Diablo Fans)

 Increased Attack Speed Calculator

 Monk Calculator

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