Demon Hunter Multi Shot Inferno Build

Diablo III Demon Hunter Multi Shot Inferno Build by Sukoshi.

The Build:!bYe!YaaaZb

This build imo has been perfected for Hell and Inferno I'll break the build down below.

PRIMARY: Entangling shot is hands down the most useful Primary in the game..

Top runes for it are the following

#1 Chain gang: Do I need to explain how useful this rune is, 300% dmg (75%x4) spread to 4 targets and slowing there movement speed by 60% YES PLEASE!

#2 Justice is served: Currently I'm rocking this rune because I'm DW Hizzies with super fast atk speed + passive hatred regen from gear my hatred goes from 0 to full in 5 seconds.


Hungering Arrow - Spray of Teeth - If you have high crit or use sharpshooter, I highly recommend trying HA out. Even on single target, the damage is really high. Also, if you do go for Hungering Arrow make sure to get a quiver with + Hunger Arrow damage on it.

SECONDARY: Multi shot: This is hands down the best AOE for a demon hunter once you obtain the following rune.

#1 Fire at Will: This rune allows you to spam multi shot like no other.. Hits all targets on screen for incredible dmg MUST HAVE RUNE

THIRD: Smoke Screen: Smoke screen is god like literally! It breaks all CC's and It dumps all aggro in 99% of scenarios, There was 1 or 2 situations the mobs still followed me while invisible but its small. But best of all it makes you invincible for 2 seconds. You want to avoid an attack from a boss smoke screen, you wanna run through 4 lazers from Arcane mobs just smokescreen, you get jailed smoke screen, 10 mobs chasing you and not your barb tank Smokescreen, you get sucked in from vortex just smokescreen!

#1 Displacement: You run 35% faster while invisible need I say more?

Forth: IMPALE: This ability is a Boss wrecker, untill I get further testing from Inferno I'm keeping impact rune at #1 rune, but so far from normal through hell I have been able to literally stun lock from 100% health to 0 ALL bosses except Belial when he transforms.

#1 Impact Rune: This rune is god like, The siege tank boss in act 3 picked up my parties barb and NEVER put him back down through the whole fight because he was stun locked. Best rune so far

Fifth: Caltrops: Great Trap imo, Drop it defensibly or even offensively in combination with smoke screen. Not much to say about it Get it Love it!

#1 Torturous Ground: Immobilizing mobs for 2 seconds basically making this ability a frost nova.

Sixth: Preperation: The last ability was harder for me to choose until I got the battle scars rune. This ability is so useful, it allows you to spam caltrops and always have a smokescreen available to save your !@#. Battle scars rune makes this ability Even Better!

#1 Battle scars: This rune makes it so when you use preparation you get healed for 60% of your Max HP, playing a squishy class getting hit once or twice can put you in the red, Hitting this will almost put you at full hp and allow you to cast smokescreen and properly retreat. Best rune for preparation and has saved me many times.

Final Note: If you are having problems with Reflect Mobs (Really hate these on my Demon Hunter.) then consider using Shadow Power with Gloom. It has really helped me. You could drop impale and use Hungering Arrow as your primary