Diablo III Barbarian Builds

Welcome to the Diablo III Barbarian builds section.

Useful Barb Info:

 In Depth Barbarian Guides

 Maintaining WotB Minimum Requirements

 Main Hand / Alternating Hands Damage Skills List

 1.0.8 Soloing Uber Bosses Guide

Double Tornado / WW Builds:

 Whirlwind Barbarian Build by Kripparrian

 Barbarian Double Tornado 2.0 by Dino

 Barbarian Double Tornado Build by Dino

 Whirlwind Barbarian Build by Unknown

Hammer of the Ancients (HotA) Builds:

 HotA Builds, Guides & Videos

Defensive (Tank) Builds:

 Krip's Barbarian Build by Kripparrian

 Halezor's Group Play Bodyguard Build

 Barbarian Tank Build

 Defensive Barbarian Build

Offensive (DPS) Builds:

 Barbarian Volcano Build by EvilixGaming

 Freight Train Barbarian Build by Lok

2 Handed Builds:

 2 Handed Berserker Barbarian Build

 2H Barbarian Build by jcsamborski

 2H Barbarian Build by LW

Nightmare and Hell Builds:

 Barbarian Nightmare Build

 Barbarian Nightmare AoE Solo Build

 Barbarian Hell Build by sylar2jz

Submit a Barb build:

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