Demon Hunter Inferno Spike Trap Build

Here is another Post Nerf Demon Hunter Inferno Build submitted by Wynta.

Here is my inferno build for act 3, haven't tested it anywhere else but should work elsewhere.

The Build:!YTe!cYZbcc

Hungering Arrow - Spray of Teeth - Could use Devouring Arrow, but I prefer Spray because it doesn't rely on the pierce for bonus damage. Basically just your generator.

Spike Trap - Lightning Rod - Could use Long Fuse or Bandolier, I use Lightning Rod because most packs I kite have more then one mob and I'm pretty sure that if it triggers on two mobs one mob will get hit twice. Long Fuse does more damage to single target and multiple mobs being hit by the same trap, higher damage but not consistent. Bandolier is the highest initial burst but unable to place all six while kiting.

Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog - Basic oh!@#$ button.

Caltops - Jagged Spikes - I like the damage rune but could use which ever (not Bait). I generally plop all my spikes down and just run mobs through them and chain Caltrops behind me. Make sure not to use all your discipline in case you need to SS.

Rain of Vengence - Flying Strike - Could use stampede, Flying Strike is a good way to buy yourself time. Stampede is better for actual survival situation where you need the mobs to back off. I've used Fan of Knives in the past but it was't as effective.

NOTE: Consider switching out Rain of Vengence for Shadow Power with Gloom if you are having trouble with Reflect Mobs.

Preperation - Backup Plan - Use in emergencies for more caltrops or SS.

Passives are self explanatory. If your can't stay 10 yards away, switch Steady Aim with Cull the Weak.

I use a 2 handed crossbow with a lot of +crit damage, +max disciple is good, as well at 12% movement speed boots. I am also working toward increasing my crit so I can switch out Sharp Shooter with something else. And the enchantress follower. Strategy involves laying traps and running around.