Budget Demon Hunter Loaded for Bear Build

Budget Demon Hunter Loaded for Bear Build  - Inferno Cleared with 100k submitted by Mukunda.
Around a week ago there was a thread on the DH forums in which some people were flaming someone who stated that they killed all of the bosses (except Ghom!) on Inferno with 36K DPS as a glass cannon. They were saying that he was a liar and were demanding proof. To me this sounded completely possible, and even sounded like a very cool challenge. I bought a set of gear with 100K gold and ended up with 33K DPS with 7K HP (this was actually expensive day 1). I also took the challenge a step further, deciding to do a complete Inferno clear without skipping any elites.

I streamed the entire run, resulting in a nice 15-hour video of demon hunting. There were some pretty cool elite kills (phasebeasts,oppressors,soul lashers). Only 2 elite packs were skipped, which I considered impossible. I also compiled the all of the boss kills into one video: