Diablo III Wizard Guides

General Guides:

 1.0.8 Sustained Archon Guide by eLINminator

 1.0.8 Black Ice Build Guide by noobistcolony

 General Wizard Guide by prime_meridian

 In Depth Wizard Guide by drgentleman

 Wizard Inferno Guide by Arktem

 Wizard Inferno Guide by morrt

 Balanced Wizard Guide by perfunction

 Solo Your Way To 60 - A Wizard's Guide by Drothvader

 Wizard Inferno Build / Guide by Absolute

Critical Mass / CDR Guides:

 In Depth Critical Mass CDR Wizard Guide by PKCarwash

Wizard Damage Guides:

 Wizard Spells and Damage Guide by Saiph

Budget and Farming Guides:

 Poorman's Guide to the Inferno Wizard by N00bius Maximus

 20M Budget, Blizzard XP Farming Wizard Guide by chaz

 2H Wizard Inferno Guide + Farming by Lok

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