Demon Hunter Build

Demon Hunter Build submitted by Vapes.

The Build:!Yae!ZbZcYZ

My goal is to have strong single target damage, but also able to deal with groups. Also I'm trying to narrow down my resource usage.

Rapid fire will be my go-to ability, it's the only hatred spender I have.

If bombardment does more single target damage along with the obvious increase in AoE I'll use that instead. I just assume with the obvious buff to AoE it would have draw-backs.

Most of my discipline usage will be situation. Vaulting to escape or for clutch stuns, mark for death only on high priority targets (or as a way to convert Discipline into Hatred).

I'm also curious how Mortal Enemy works with Rapid fire, whether it counts as 1 hit (since I think if you kill 10 monsters in a stream of rapid fire it gives you the 1 hit bonus), so 3 hatred, or 3 hatred a second, a hit etc... Figuring that out will affect a bit. At the very least using it on a boss will let me regenerate hatred again for a stready flow of rapid fire.

Rain of Vengeance is just so I have some stronger AoE, and I needed something that had a CD so I wasn't soaking all my resources, it seemed to fit pretty well.

Again the rune I chose looked like the most amount of damage 20 x 125%, but I'm sure there are advantages and drawbacks to the others beyond the tooltip.

Passives are pretty straight forward. Speed on vault to get away when I need to, flat buff probably on bow for 15% damage, and 20% damage when I'm not around anything which the vault + speed buff will help to achieve.

Mobility is my favorite characteristic of the demon hunter, so I plan to be moving around a lot, making holes, getting in them, and dishing out damage.