Diablo III Witch Doctor Builds

Welcome to the Diablo III Witch Doctor builds section.

General Builds:

 Witch Doctor Inferno Act 3 Build by Minstro

 1.0.8 Sword and Shield Firebat Build by Luffy

 1.0.8 Witch Doctor Batdog MP10 Build

 Act 1 Stunner Build by Mr. Kim

 1.0.8 Sacrifice / Bears Speed Build (Mp5-7) by Ket

 Bears Inferno MF Build by SweRaz

 Fire Bats Inferno Build by Keeperofstars

 Bats Build by Obl1TeRaTE

 Acid Rain Build by Danyanek

 Witch Doctor Inferno Belial Build by Dorfie

Pet builds:

Spirit Barage Builds:

 AOE/DOT Spirit Barrage Act1 Inferno build by Jatol

 Witch Doctor Spirit Barrage Build

Hardcore Builds:

 Witch Doctor Hardcore Build

Other Builds:

 Witch Doctor Tank Build - Not for inferno.

 Witch Doctor Soul Harvest Build - Low level.

 Witch Doctor Hell Build by Zephirius

Submit a Build:

 Submit a Witch Doctor Build