Demon Hunter Inferno Build

Demon Hunter Inferno Build submitted by Lumidelle.

Note: Due to a recent change, it is recommended to use Ball Lightning instead of Nether Tentacles.


Inferno is all about kiting. Since anything and everything will oneshot you, it's up to our signature kiting skills to get us through it.

This is my build and it's working out fairly nicely. I'm still experimenting, but this has been pretty solid so far.

Rain of Vengeance w/ Stampede is an absolute life-saver. It has a longer cd, but the knockback protects you and gives you a good solid chunk of dps time where you can just pump out as much damage as you can.

I've been playing with the idea of using Entangling Shot w/ Chain Gang and Elemental Arrow w/ Nether Tentacles instead. The damage output of this spec is decent, but not entirely optimal. This spec is all about survival and longevity rather than nuking down my enemies. Which is fine with me; I'm in no rush. Rushing through Inferno only gets you killed.

If you're having hatred regen trouble and the slow from Frost Arrow isn't quite cutting it, drop Vault for Caltrops w/ Torturous Ground.