Diablo III Wizard Builds

Welcome to the Diablo III Wizard Builds section.

General Builds:

 1.0.8 MP10 Black Ice Build

 Blizzard Inferno Build by Absolute

 Stormchaser CM Build Review by Lok

 2 Wizard Inferno Builds by Hobbs

 Illusionist Survivor Build by squarcle

CM / WW Builds:

 Wizard Critical Mass / WW Build

Meteor Builds:

 Wizard Meteor Build  by  BPT

 Wizard Meteor Build by Unknown

Melee / Tank Builds:

 Inferno Melee Wizard Build by beirtec

 Melee / Tank Wizard Build by noble

Budget Builds:

 20M Budget, Blizzard XP Farming Wizard Guide by chaz

Notable Guides:

 In Depth Critical Mass CDR Wizard Guide

 General Wizard Guide by prime_meridian

 In Depth Wizard Guide by drgentleman

 Solo Your Way To 60 - A Wizard's Guide by Drothvader

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Other Builds:

 Wizard High Damage Build by Kosic

 4 Great Wizard Builds by Ray

 Glass Cannon Wizard Build by cdxliv

 Lightning Wizard Build

 Ice Wizard Build

 Arcane Wizard Build by Venom

Nightmare and Hell Builds:

 Wizard Nightmare Build by TornEternity

 Wizard Hell Build by Lok

 Nightmare Build (lvls 30-50) by Lok

 Low Level Wizard Build by Lok

 Balanced lvl39 Build [Hardcore]

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