Inferno Demon Hunter Post NT Nerf Build

Inferno Demon Hunter Post Nether Tentacles Nerf Build submitted by Lurker.

So by now all of you Demon Hunters out there know that NT was nerfed and isn't as effective as it used to be.

I decided to try out a slightly different build, and here is what I came up with, it is working for me in Act 2 Inferno. Feel free to comment and let me know what I can improve or change.

I also added a bunch of alternatives to using Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning.

My new build:!YeT!YaZYZc

PRIMARY: Entangling Shot - Justice is Served - Great hatred builder and it keeps mobs away. Personally I like to switch out justice is served for shock collar for the bit of extra damage, and because Ball Lightning isn't too expensive to use. Chain gang is nice too, if you are having problems with getting swarmed by many mobs, try it out.

Note: I have also been trying out Hungering Arrow with Spray of Teeth instead of Entangling Shot (+Sharpshooter and crit gear) and it has been working out really well. I bought a +Hunger Arrow damage quiver as well, and now it hits (and crits) for insane damage. Devouring arrow is also great, but overall, I have noticed that spray of teeth gives more sustained damage. (Note: If you have high crit, like above 40%, Spray of Teeth will give you more dps, if you have lower crit, devouring arrow will do more dps.)

SECONDARY: Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning - Since NT was nerfed, I decided to try Ball Lightning and so far it works well, it is very similar to the old NT and handles large packs of mobs with ease. (+ it has great range) I really think BL could be the new NT. It does solid damage, handles both single target and aoe well, and does not cost too much hatred. There are some great alternatives though.

Alternatives to Ball Lightning:

Cluster Arrow - Loaded for Bear - Although cluster bombs do more damage, with Loaded for Bear, it's much easier to aim. A lot of times you will be on the run, and cluster bombs just won't cut it. Loaded for Bear was buffed in 1.0.4 so it can stand up to cluster bombs in terms of usefulness. Another benefit from using Loaded for Bear is with reflect mobs, it is possible to smoke screen to avoid damage taken from reflect as you fire. With loaded for bear, it is easy to smoke screen then quickly fire loaded for bear, dealing major damage to the mob while not taking any damage from reflect. With cluster bombs, this is harder to do.

Cluster Arrow - Cluster Bombs - This does a lot of damage. If you aim it right, it can take out a lot of mobs in one shot and even take an elite mobs HP down very quickly.The problem is it has a small range, so you can't miss, and it costs a whopping 50 hatred, so you can only use a few. If you use it with caltrops, you can set up the mobs easier for the shot.

Elemental Arrow - Frost Arrow - If you don't want to use Ball Lightning, try Frost Arrow instead. It's faster, deals more dps and it freezes things.

Elemental Arrow - Screaming Skull - Note from KS: I use screaming skulls over lightning bolts because I value fear over stun. Fear makes the monsters run, often backtracking them farther from you. This gives you more time to deal with the other elites that are probably rushing towards you. With a decent attack speed and some luck you can even alternate monsters, fearing them all into a corner. I've done it a few times, its hilarious.

The negatives of screaming skulls is that it doesn't stack with Sharpshooter to make your first hit always work and can go for a long period without fearing if you're unlucky ( my record is probably 10 arrows without skulls). the skull is not that good for dps because it is not often that monsters line up unless you funnel them through a door, although I still get 70k crits with it, easily.

As for functionality, all champs and elites and normal mobs are fearable. but the champs with special names that dont have minions arent. Untill I get 40% crit chance I'll stick with screaming skulls.

Chakram - Twin Chakram - 2 chakrams that hit for 100% damage each and it can hit multiple mobs. Very effective spam move.

Multishot - Fire-at-Will - 20 hatred, lots of damage, mows down enemies. Hits very fast and very wide so accuracy isn't as strictly required. Also note that if you can't decide between Multishot and Ball Lightning for AoE, BL only deals 10% less damage than Multishot for half the hatred cost.

Impale - Overpenetration - 250% weapon damage that can hit multiple enemies. Great for elite pack farming. Only downside is requires extreme accuracy and you may want to run with an AoE move as well since this is not a good AoE skill)

Note: Use the grenadier passive aswell as a 6 hatred generator attack like entangle shot and bat pet, this means you can fire CA almost constantly.

The rest of the skills:

Caltrops - Torturous Ground

Shadow Power - Gloom - This will help you defeat reflect elites. I used to use vault, but not anymore.

Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog

Preparation - Backup Plan (I know people will disagree but even though Backup Plan is great, I still like taking Battle Scars sometimes. A lot of times I don't get one shotted and just get taken down to around 20% HP and battle scars REALLY comes in handy if potions and SS is on cooldown.)


Steady Aim - Archery - Sharpshooter