Diablo III Item Guides

Patch 2.0 + Guides:

 Patch 2.0 Damage Calculation Spreadsheet

 List of Bounties with Legendary Crafting Materials

General Item Guides:

 1.0.7 Crafting Explained

 Diablo 3 Item Primer

 Official D3 Item Database

 Patch 1.0.3 IAS Change

 Item Affixes

 Murlocket Amulet Guide

Item Information Guides:

 Resistance Reduction Chart

 Legendary Crafting Ingredients Spreadsheet

Item Logs:

 Highest Recorded DPS Weapons

 Max XP Bonus Per Level

 Drop Rates Spreadsheet

Other Crafting Guides:

 Gem Crafting Costs Guide

 Jewel Crafting Spreadsheet

 Blacksmith Recipies Spreadsheet


 Gemming Guide

 Gem Breakdown

Magic Find Guides:

 Magic Find Guide

 Magic Find Guide & Statistics

 Magic Find Observations

 Max Magic Find & Gold Find Gear Stats

 Difference in Treasure Creatures

Drop System and Boss Loot Info:

 Drop System

 Boss Loot Explained

Submit an Item Guide:

 Submit Guide