Demon Hunter Level 60 Build

Demon Hunter Level 60 Build submitted by Dog.

The build:!eYT!YaaaYb

I switch out skills quite a bit while leveling. For bosses I usually like to have smoke screen. In hell I had swapped out Impale with Caltrops Bait the Trap rune. I liked the extra survivability having that slow along with the constant 10% crit. Best of both worlds.

My passives changed a lot while leveling. I usually always tried to get a bow so archery and steady aim stayed constant the whole way through. I really liked sharpshooter later on. People hate on it, but I found it to be really good.

Hungering arrow I couldn't decide between devouring and shatter. Shatter is very good, but for single target it seems like only 1, maybe 2, of the pierced shots can pierce the same mob again. I'm not sure how the mechanics work for them. I used both depending on how I was feeling at the time.