Low Level Monk Build

Here is a build for newer Monk players (around level 20), submitted by Lok.

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aWXfYh!ZY!aaZaa

Fists of Thunder with Thunderclap is a great all purpose skill to teleport you to your target and apply damage. Spirit generation is fast.

I use Crippling Wave with the Mangle rune on my right. Yes it is another spirit-builder, but Monk seems to thrive on spirit generation and many of the other low level spirit burner do not do that much more AE damage.

Crippling Wave does not knock the targets back either.

The bread and butter move for this build is to Cyclone Strike (Eye of the Storm rune) to gather up a cluster, then Blinding Flash them so they are stunned, and then burn them down with Crippling Wave. This cluster-then-stun move is very group friendly, setting up the enemies to be rapidly killed by other party members.

Breath of Heaven is a heal, and is also very group friendly. Take whatever Mantra strikes your fancy as a party buff, and you are set for the support/melee + heal build that will work well for lower levels.

The passives I took were Resolve and Transcendence. The former cuts down on damage you take while you melee, and the latter takes advantage of your usually near full spirit pool that you have in this build to self heal.