Monk Inferno Build

Monk Inferno Build submitted by Unknown.

Decided to make a build of how I'm going through inferno with Monk(act 3 currently). Many of my friends are rushing through inferno with WD, DH and Wiz, but not many Monks or Barb. I play Monk only so here's the build I find quite useful.

First off, I'm using this build: (Updated for patch 1.0.8)!YgX!aZYcYc

My notable stats:
Dex - 1400
Vit - 800
All resist - ~600
HP - 40000
Armor - 6000
Damage -16000
AS-2.4 (I know it's part of DPS. Showing since it affects rate of spirit regen)
Spirit regen per sec - 6
Life per spirit (without transcendence) - 62

I use fist of thunder with concussion for the use of teleport. It's very useful for treasure pygmies/bandits/goblins and far as battling goes, it's very useful for kiting against super creeps that have charging attacks(the types that 1-hit ko you) or plague or molten type buffs. It's also useful since it gives a knockback with the third attack. This knockback only works on non-super creeps and is useful for stopping charged attacks as well as kiting.

Crippling wave with concussion will be helpful for a number of reasons as well. First the rune will reduce the damage of those pesky bugs in act2 as well as help you survive the more stronger creeps. The third attack will slow movespeed/attackspeed of creeps which will help you kite, as well as stun/knockback to interrupt attacks.

As far as my active spells go, Serenity is the best possible skill IMO. 4 second invulnerability is really over-powered and should be used since Monk is sorely under powered. I use serenity as a last-means of escape. When i am stunned with Frozen orbs or put in Jail or vortexed towards the creeps. In combination with combination strike and the damage buff from Blinding Flash, my damage will increase at least 50%(sometimes combination strike bugs and gives nearly 100%). That is a huge boost for monks, since a lot of us don't carry 1k DPS weapons.

As for as healing mantra goes, I use the rune "time of need" to increase my resistances. This helps me get 4-5 shot by creeps instead of 2-3 shot. It's important to note that once activation Mantra of healing increases your regen greatly for 3 seconds(inversely exponential). Using this to maximize your healing with your spirit and healing mantra is crucial as well.

I think the passive skills are self-explanatory though I do want to note something about "combination strike". After a couple days of testing with combination strike, i find that it is a skill worth using. AND it is not necessary for one to use 3 primary skills. Pre-(today's)patch, sweeping wind gave the 8% bonus for spirit generating. I believed at first it was when the sweeping wind was at max, but even at the activation of the skill gave the attack bonus(given that I've used my other 2 primary skills within seconds). With this one can get a 24% I use blinding flash.

As far as sweeping winds go, sweeping wind deals extra damage(and looks extra cool) with crit strikes. With the rune, it will give me an extra 3-spirit per second when at max and with high-crit the DPS is high and the charges come fast. One of my biggest DPS for big mobs, as well as super-creep fights. Also, the buff lasts longer then 3 seconds IF you are using a primary skill before the 3 seconds is up. It's not necessary for you to mix in two primaries at this point if you're lazy, just using fist of thunder continually(without resting) will keep the damage boost up indefinitely.

Some useful techniques I've been using for monk**

When fighting super creeps or regular creeps that don't get knocked back by the third strike of fist of thunder, I switch out the third hit for a crippling strike. So in succession it will be left click left click right click, so on and so forth. Diablo3 is made so that it's quite simple to do this. you dont have to actually click each time, you can drag your left click mouse until the 2 hits have gone through and before the third, just tap the right click(all the while your left finger hasn't left the button!). 

This will proxy the damage reduction, ms/as reduction, AND at a faster ate since fist of thunder as a much faster attack speed. It takes an hour or two getting used to but once you start doing so, kiting and killing creeps become ALOT easier. I hope this helps. I decided to make it since D3 is down. Still so for another 26 minutes....