Elite Monk Tank Build

Here is an Elite Monk Tank build submitted by davegri.

The build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WfaSgQ!YaZ!aZabab

Description: Using this build I can tank most elites and big crowds while delivering hefty amounts of dps.

Crippling Wave (Mangle) - This is my goto aoe spirit builder, First I use Cyclone Strike (Implosion) then I pound some Crippling Wave.

Mangle seemed the most sensible choice although concussion could provide extra protection if your struggling.

Cyclone Strike (Implosion) - This is for dragging enemys in in order to destroy them efficiently.

Fists of Thunder (Thunderclap) - this is for single enemies or bosses, the thunderclap is for chasing down goblins teleporters and generally evading bosses. this skill is great because it build spirit very quickly and allows you to spam mantras in order to tank strong enemies.

Sweeping Wind (Firestorm) - pretty nice for getting in some extra dps into those elite champion packs or generally for more efficient aoe destruction. this skill isn't a must for this build and can be replaced.

Serenity (Peaceful Repose) - Panic button, nuff said.

Mantra of Healing (Boon of Protection) - I'm still deciding between this and mantra of evasion, basically its a spammable heal (with transcendence) + regen and quick heal+ dmg reduction for 2 seconds.


Transcendence - An absolute must.

Resolve - Flat damage reduction the third passive isn't important early on and you can pretty much get away with what suits you.