Diablo 3 Monk Hell and Nightmare Build + Tips

Here are some tips by Aftamath on how to survive in Hell (and nightmare) with a Monk.

The Build:


Basically, it is just spamming WotHF while rotating CDs to stay alive and throwing in the rare potion. Spirit generation is no problem with this build as your main abilities are very low costing. The bell is very costly, but it can decimate normal mobs very easily and also offers a nice knockback to get out of situations where your retreat is cut off.

Right now I am ~level 52 with ~2200 dps and 14k HP. I have only died in Hell to a pack of Molten Horde Mortar Grotesques in Act I(explosions on death were ridiculous). I have been dual wielding since starting while testing out a 2H only minimally to test it out. I think 2H is fine for some players, it just does not fit my play style as much as DW does.

Some Tips:

- Start gathering some resist gear. Posion clouds or anything else you can stand in literally can own you before you realize it. Act I trees anyone?

- Learn to be satisfied with lower DPS and higher Vit/protection. Sometimes it is better to be able to kill something entirely than to kill it quickly. Why does it matter how much damage you can do if you are a glass cannon and die before achieving the goal? Just realize that in Hell, survival needs to be achieved at all costs.

- Cycle your CDs and if needed kite stuff around. I have found that when in a party people tend to press on as if they are invincible. You have no idea what is lurking around the corner once you have finished off that last champion pack. Could be another champion pack and with no way to heal/defend you are going to die. So in essence, Slow Down.

- When making a build, I think, that Serenity is a must on Hell along with Breath of Heaven(obv). everything else is up to you. Just realize how everything comes together in the end and manage spirit/speed to achieve results. Realize just because my build works for me, does not mean you absolutely omfg have to use it. There are many combinations that will work effectively, they just need to be discovered.