Pure Support Monk Build

Pure Support Monk Build by RV.
  • Generate spirit from a semi-safe distance with Deadly Reach. Max range 25 yards on third strike though spirit generation will suffer. Hope for gear that gives decent passive spirit generation. Also, I'm counting on the chance that the increased damage for 30 seconds applies for everyone.
  • Use mantras under different circumstances. Runed for 15% shield for "Oh crap!" moments and a large AoE makes it easy to apply shields to group. The 15% shield along with the increased regeneration should give a group of competent players enough time to get out of a bad situation with their own escape methods.
  • Breath of Heaven for a strong direct heal and a means to proc one of my passives. Alternatively can be used as a perma-15% increase damage buff for a single teammate. Situations where that can take place are limited though.
  • Mystic Ally is a cheap off-tank at 25 spirit. It even has a free taunt. 10% increase vit is nice if I stack high enough as I intend to with this build. As far as I know, Mystic Ally also procs my 25% reduced damage on damage passive which is nice.
  • Inner Sanctuary would be used for a number of reasons and runed differently depending on the situation. Some obvious examples are placing it under our main DPS for increased damage or placing under the tank if he/she is having trouble and runing it for decreased damage or increased regen. Last use would be with an increase in duration or the snare aftereffect. Pull mob and kite towards narrow passages/doorways if available and get 5-7 seconds of unhindered DPS and repeat.