Inferno Monk DW Combination Strike Build

Inferno Monk DW Combination Strike Build submitted by KL.

A while back I made an old Combination Strike build  It worked up to Act 2... But Act 3 and 4 demanded I switch in Hard Target to live.

So I'm pleased to announce that once more this build works!


Yeah, it can stand to be tweaked still, but that's about it for now. If / when I get more crit and crit dmg I'll be switching out Blinding Flash for Sweeping Wind - Cyclone probably, at least for a bit to test it. (Who doesn't love tornados everywhere?)


My gear: (Click the picture to see the full size.)

It's not amazing, and the critical hit stuff I bought on a whim so it's even worse. In the future, I'd love to drop my fist weapon for something with crit dmg / life on hit. That weapon is just an afterthought, an item that didn't sell, but I put it on to start DWing.

But yeah, what're you gonna do post-1.03, sit back, take the attack speed nerf, go back to 1h + shielding and attacking slow? No.

You get out there, you DW for +15% IAS, you crit and get stacks up on WotHF to get that +15% IAS, and you keep wrecking things by attacking like a whirlwind of strikes, like you should be!