Monk Act 2 Inferno Farming Build

Monk Act 2 Inferno Farming Build submitted by Byron.

This build and guide are for characters with gear. If you're just starting act II, it may well prove to be ineffective. My stats (buffed as I am when farming, so with both ally, mantra, and enchantress):

Armor: 6116
Reduction: 67.06
Resists: 621
Resist Reduction: 67.43
Dodge: 31.4% (without lightning flash active)
Block: 15% (2100-3500)

Dex: 1149
DPS: 12,129
HP: 44080

The Build:!UYX!Zcbacc

This build balances strong damage buffs (blazing wrath, foresight) with lots of defensive strength.
  • I'm not sure where I turned a corner in tankyness, but small gear improvements have left me able to stand in fire chains or even desecration for a couple of seconds without taking too much damage. If you find yourself getting 1-2 shotted by champion mobs on this difficulty level, your gear probably isn't ready for this farming stat (your ally will also get 1-2 appears to inherit all your stats).
  • It usually takes me 7-10 min to find and kill champion packs outdoors. Sewer areas are faster to find, but some prefixes are more difficult to deal with in small corridors. Your mileage and taste may vary. 
  • The biggest advantage is that I can use my enchantress and ally to last hit, allowing me to switch into my MF set for kills. I do this regularly. With over 300% mf (230ish base + valor) even champion packs will usually drop 2-3 yellows.

Future thoughts:

Currently my goals are to increase damage (I'd like to hit 20k) and to replace my cold resist gear (stacked for one with everything) with resist all gear, allowing me to replace the passive with either a damage passive or another defensive passive.

Also, I have tested dropping mantra of healing for dodge mantra with armor rune. While my overall damage reduction remained fairly stable (-4.5% resist, +3.5% armor) the lack of passive healing, even if mild, was very noticeable while tanking. Passive healing is very important for us monks. As our reduction goes up, all healing becomes relatively stronger. I'd love to find some decent lifesteal items to test, but have never come across any.

Also, it could be that with enough attack speed the reclamation rune on mantra of conviction could be viable (although there are lots of times you're not hitting anything and you still want to heal).