Monk 1.0.8 MP10 Group Farming Build

Monk 1.0.8 MP10 Group Farming Build submitted Fitz.

Mp10 Farming Group Guide

How to Play Nice with Others:

High MP group farming benefits greatly from differing class buffs and skills. It can be difficult to be efficient with, because scrubs outnumber players with brains by at least 100 to 1. If you are new, pay attention:

1. CS Monk is the party guide. You follow him. You stay right on top of him at all times. He is the guide, not you. You stray off, you screw the group over.

2. AoE damage is king in high MP group farming. Wow, you do crazy single target dps with your build and your self-buffed pdps is OMGZ LEET? Noone gives a !@#$. Decent groups do group buffs and group damage, because the group will always outperform the single player.

The Group Setup and Buffs:

1. Dog or Firebat WD with Slam Dance (I will not link a build)
    - Massive AoE damage

2. CM Wizard with Stretch Time or Time Warp (I will not link a build)
    - Necessary to maximize damage of the group by keeping enemies locked in tight

3. CS Monk with Overawe and Guiding Light 
(Build!f!YbZcba -max CS range)
(Alternate Build!f!Ybccca -max GL range)
    - Necessary to pull mobs in for lockdown and buffing the group

4. Nirvana Monk with Transgression 
    - Massive AoE damage

How to Run This:

1. CS Monk leads. He/she DSes to enemies, pulls them in, waits for party, then buffs and keeps pulling.
2. CM Wizard freezes and buffs
3. WD Kills %^-* and buffs
4. Nirvana monk kills !@#$. Passive buff.