Mojo's Ninja Monk Build

Mojo's Diablo III Ninja Monk Build submitted by MrMojoRisin.


Gear - This was made possible by dropping OWE - so you need high All Resist and high armor.

Play Style - Smack 'em in the face and try not to die!


This build has some great mobility. the bonus run and attack speed from blazing fists is so much fun. once you get the hang of using dual generators, you'll never want to go back.

The synergy of guardian's path and backlash is awesome. fire chains mobs just kill themselves, and you almost never get frozen!

For the pros out there, try swapping out serenity for dashing strike.

Dual Generators:

I'll explain how i use the dual generators pretty effectively:

I use thunderclap as RMB, and blazing fists as the LMB.

I hold down right mouse (TC) ALL THE TIME. I use it to run/walk around.

Just tap down LMB, (Blazing fists) long enough to get your stacks, then continue to TC. to refresh Blazing fists, you only need to tap down LMB for a split second. it seems to refresh instantly.

Note that my finger almost never lets up from the right mouse button, even while tapping left mouse button. whichever button you hit will override anything already being held down. as soon as you let go of LMB, RMB takes over straight away again.

And that's about that. Tou get used to it pretty quick and it's really effective.

Thanks for reading.