New to Inferno: >200k Monk Build

New to Inferno: >200k Monk Build submitted by scrapz.

Alot of people have been adding me telling me they're getting owned in mp1 and don't have enough cash to farm even mp1. Do a alkeizer route in act 3 hell, collect 200k gold. Proceed to the auction house and buy gear similar to this.



I'm going to give a brief runthrough of the equipment and skill choices. I can't put together something fancy like piffle or druin =X

Stat Goals:

  • 650+ resist
  • 1000+ vitality 
  • 2.0+ APS (must)
  • 35CC+ (crucial)
  • DPs - 20k+

Clears inferno alk run in reasonable time of under 25 minutes in mp1. Facetanks mp10 lol.

With noobs, you're usually frustrated with dying too much. You have 2 choices, go highly offensive and hope you kill the enemy in time before he kills you or go defensive. I chose defensive gear while going offensive on my passives.


For budget builds, maximize your money. Buy weapons /w natural 70+ crit on them. It's cheaper then buying a gem. Since you can't purchase IAS on a ring at this budget, it's best to go with fast(1.4) weapons. Try to aim for at least 1200+ loh /w 3 percent life steal.

Q: Why LS?

I know everyone tells you life steal sucks at low dps but it still leeches life correct? Well, this build uses backlash, which is a defensive and offensive skill. Since LOH only procs on on-hit attacks, backlash will not work with LOH

LS leeches from all attacks. Being a budget build, you'll be severely low dps. You'll be constantly surrounded by enemies and backlash deal damage within a good 10 radius of you. Masses of enemies around you getting hit = massive amount of heals.

Rings/Ammy/Gloves/Bracers - DPS slot

Sacrifice some dex and maximize your crit chance. Your paper dps will be low but it doesn't account the dps/heal done by spawning tornadoes. This is also why LS and a fast weapon are crucial for this build . Faster hits = more hits = mor chances to spawn tornadoes = more healing.

Chest/Pants - Extra Stats

Always look for sockets in these slots. Thats a extra 98 stat points for your chest and 68 for your pants.

Shoulders/Belt/Shoes - Mitigation/ Vitality

These slots don't offer any DPS modifiers. It's best to stack mitgation/vit points in this. You can easily find low dex/100+vit /120 double resist.


This build is highly focused on dodge.

Guardian's Path and Mantra of Evasion gives you 15 percent dodge. Even with low dex points, you'll be at 50 percent dodge rate. That mean's 1/2 hits you'll be dodging and everytime you do dodge, you'll dish out some damage. WIN/WIN.

Cast your sweeping winds properly:

SW snapshots your dps at the point of casting. By casting in this order, you will maximize your dps/sustain output

1. Breath of Heaven - Blazing wrath (45 second timer)
2. Blinding flash - Faith in light (2-3 second timer)
3. After casting blinding flash, immeaditely cast your sweeping winds.
For my setup that means. #1, #2, right click, #4

Again, this build is highly built around dodge. Everytime you spam your MoE, you will gain a temporary increase in dodge of 3 seconds. Spend your spirit correctly, only spam it when you're surrounded by enemies.

Happy facetanking.