Monk Dodge / Backlash DPS Act 1 Inferno Build

Monk Dodge / Backlash DPS Act 1 Inferno Build submitted by MetalMusicMan. Now updated for patch 1.0.8.


Build Description Fast attack speed, ~65% dodge while over-activating aura, ~55%+ dodge while attacking. Good for quickly running content that you already have on farm status, but I wouldn't recommend it for the later acts unless you have even better gear than I do. I'm still using a tank spec for acts 2/3, which I'll post a video log of soon.

Cyclone Strike is great for interrupting attacks from champions and pull mobs in to proc more dodges into backlash. Keep Sweeping Wind up on big packs and elites, combined with backlash procs the damage can be very high, all while maintaining at least ~55%+ dodge, more if you have energy to spare on over-activating MoE (which you will).