Diablo 3 Butcher Farming Guide

Diablo 3 Butcher Farming Guide submitted by Unknown.

Here is my Act I route for farming Butcher with 5 stacks if you are stuck on the start of Act 2:
  • Start on quest "The Imprisoned Angel - Chamber of Suffering" When you spawn in go to Cemetery of the Forsaken and start looking for the easy rares that spawn there. If you are lucky you get one waiting at the waypoint, and 3 more just inside each crypt.
  • Once you've got 4 stacks TP to the Halls of Agony level 2 and run past all the mobs (I do this as Witch Doctor using Spirit Walk and helped with the Spirit Vessel passive which makes it very easy). There is actually an art to this which is hard to explain, but when you run this route a lot you get an "instinct" to finding the exact route to the exits.

    The best I can say is that the entrance to the Highland Pass is 75% of the time going to be in South East of the map. The Chamber of Suffering itself is usually on the opposite side of the map to which the entrance spawns and is in the north every time preceded by a long corridor covered with blood. There are other things that help me which I can't really think to explain, but you learn as you do more and more runs.
  • You usually pick up the 5th stack one of three ways:
  1. The event to help the warrior on the Highland Pass. This is the best way as the rare is always very easy. The event spawns about 50% of the time in my experience.
  2. A rare pack in The Cursed Hold, which is the area after Highland Passage where you have to free prisoners. These rares are usually either a pack of Skeletons or those fat guys that explode, both of these are very easy compared to other rares as they are slow and easy to kite, the fat guys damage each other when they die and the skeletons just don't do a lot of damage. You also usually find one in a straight line to the exit which is useful.
  3. If you haven't had any easy packs you can either get one in Halls of Agony level 3 or if you are really ballsy you can take the chance that there will be one right outside the Chamber of Suffering itself, which happens very frequently.

Basically using this route I can farm the Butcher in 15-20 minutes every time.