Act I - IV Inferno Elite Hotspot Guide

Diablo III Act I - IV Inferno Elite Hotspot (Farming) Guide submitted by Nmitty.

Hello again everybody! This guide is covering acts 1 through 4 elite pack farming routes! These are all of the farming routes I've been using since 1.0.3 has hit and they all have a great amount of elite packs over a short period of time farming. Hopefully this helps you progress more quickly to higher acts or just helps you farm more elite packs much more efficiently!

Act 1: 0:00
Act 2: 5:45
Act 3: 9:46
Act 4: 15:10

Build in the video:!XYc!bYZaZb

Energy Armor can be swapped for anything defensive if need be, passive talents can also be changed for anything else you wanted! Going into detail on the Wizard guide coming up!