1.0.8 Complete Act II Farming Route

1.0.8 Complete Act II Farming Route submitted by ItsModz.

Here is a combined Act II farming route that allows you to obtain the most legendaries, demonic essences and experience per hour. In addition, the document provided below has data (exp/hour, group exp/hour, mobs killed per hour, SS of starting points) that will allow you to make your own farm routes.

Farming Route: Vault of Assassin -> Desolate Sands -> Dahlgur Oasis -> Eastern Channel -> Western Channel

Note: How to set your spawn in the Vault of Assassin. You should do this first so there will be a portal waiting for you in town when you resume game after the run.

Result: 25+ Demonics/Hour, 6+ Legendaries (got 21 hour; RNG), 160m+ Exp Hour




Happy Hunting.