Inferno Act 1 Farming Guide

Here is another Inferno Act 1 Farming Guide submitted by ND.

Description: A1 is fine for farming, it's fast and can drop the big ticket items, just a lot of time farming is necessary. In the past 2 days I've had 2 5mil drops in act 1, very decent for about 10 hours farming. Edited the guide to include a trip to the Fields of Misery to farm keys at the end of the run.
  1. Port to northern highlands, check for the Watchtower dungeon along the NW wall of the zone (it's small, takes maybe 10s). If it's not there, remake. If it's there, clear it for 1-5 stacks.

    I anticipate the number of packs here will be nerfed soon, though often times I just find 1 pack. Additionally I find the dungeon has about a 60% spawn rate.
  2. Check northern highlands (small area, 0-2 packs).
  3. Run to the hunting grounds (small area, 0-1 packs). it's NE of the highlands 100% of the time.
  4. Run to Leorics courtyard (small area, 0-2 packs) it's NW of the hunting grounds 100% of the time.
  5. Check cemetary dungeons, I kill one pack per dungeon and then port out and go to the next cemetary dungeon. The reason for this is that each dungeon can spawn 1-2 packs but it's rarely 2 and sometimes they can be quite large areas, not worth the time to clear them totally.
  6. Festering woods - clear the 2 dungeons there for 2 more packs, kill packs that are out in the general area if you come across them. I usually find 1, but the range I believe is 0-2 in the general area.
  7. Key Hunting: Fields of Misery: Go find the killwarden and take him out (if you are running with monster power)
Rinse repeat. I do it in about a half hour or shorter if I remain focused. I'm a barb running a normal sword and board build with sprint for faster clearing. I ignore normal mobs unless there's a huge pack then I kill them for fun.