Inferno Butcher Witchdoctor Farming

Inferno Butcher Witchdoctor Farming submitted by jammer292.


Here is my variation of the witch doctor zombie bear build that let's me easily solo the butcher in about 30 seconds, sometimes quicker.

I know it's not the most impressive time but it's pretty quick none-the-less. I can also kill nearly any champion mob in act 1 to get my 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor.

Video of me doing it in ~35 seconds: 

I'll probably get criticized for having zombie dogs, but I find they distract the mobs just enough to get my bears going, and also the 1 minute cooldown makes it easy to always have 4 skills on cooldown for vision quest mana regen.

This lets me spam bears for longer. With decent gear, as my video shows, farming the butcher in inferno with your witch doctor can be very easy and rewarding. Hope this helps!

Here are is an album with screenshots of my stats and all my gear: