Core of Areat Gold Farming

Diablo 3 Core of Areat Gold Farming Guide submitted by adalon.

So if you don't mind really repetitive easy fights, there's a decent farm for gold as a monk (you could easily do this as other class, but I did it as a monk). Pulls approximately 300k/H with potential for more (I only have 190 GF).

You do this on nightmare since you can clear it crazy fast and the difficulty:gold ratio doesn't scale that much better in Hell.

This is the build set-up I use:!ZbY!aZbbbc

It's all about stacking massive damage/AoE

You just start at the core and run to the end and you'll hit a checkpoint, but don't go into Azmodan's lair.
Stack GF and Pickup Radius as well as get some movespeed boots. If you can get your damage high enough, you basically 1hit everything in the area and 2 hit champs.

Start at one end, clear to the other end but don't pick up anything. The items that drop won't be good enough to justify it. Just keep running. The pickup radius will continue to grab gold while you run by and save you time. Open the chests and run. You don't even have to wait for it to hit the ground if you have ~40 increased pickup radius.

You should be able to clear it in about 80 seconds + 10 seconds to leave the game. It easily pulled me 5-6k a run.

I'm sure there are other areas that can do this, but The Core is a straight line and easy enough with very easy enemies when you're lvl 50+. There's probably better item/gold farm somewhere else, but this is mindless and can help grab you that 950dps weapon to start farming A1i more efficiently.