Indigo Legendary MF Farming Route

"Indigo Run" Best Legendary MF farming route submitted by Indigo.

Demonstration of Run:

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Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you may have seen me streaming on I am an avid Diablo player, and have been playing, and streaming this game more than 8 hours a day since release. I am truly addicted to finding teh lootz. I multibox using ISboxer, and have been using 4x Tempest rush monks.

If you are like the majority of the diablo players, you most likely farm act 3, and do some sort of Kiezer buns, or a modified version of aKiezer bun. This may be the most efficient way to gain EXP for your paragon levels, BUT, at least for me, is not as efficient for farming legendary items.

Let me introduce Act 2. While many of you are familiar with act 2, especially if you've been at this game since launch, many players have completely skipped act 2. I know this because I stream, and am asked everyday, "Where are you farming?", and "How do you get to the Vault of Assassin?"

You can reach the waypoint to Vault of Assasin by starting on act2 quest 8, soulstone chamber, and finding the Vault by exploring the desolate sands. Once you reach the Vault, you will get the checkpoint. Its important to not progress further in the game, or use the tower to exit the vault, otherwise you wont start in the vault your next game.

I run the Vault, then Black Canyon Mines, and finish with the Road to Alcarnus. I get an average of 12-14 elite packs on this run (very rarely less than 12) I am multiboxing 4 monks, so this equates to about 50 elite packs killed per run. The runs usually take me around 5 minutes, only picking up specific rares, and legendary items.

When farming for legendary items I chose not to pick up rares (other than rings/amulets) My reason behind this, is the amount of time required to identify them, and sell/keep them. Multiply this with 4 characters, and you will see how much time it actually takes away from farming legendary items. Avoiding the majority of rares will yield you more of what your looking for in the time allotted. I see at least a 100% increase in Legendary, rings and amulets by avoiding the "trash", but sometimes its 200% or even 300% more. Same goes for farming EXP.

Also there is no point of getting valor stacks before the Vault. I am asked daily why I dont get stacks prior to clearing it. This is why: There is a set amount of elites you will find in your run. Getting stacks prior to clearing a certain area gives you no benefit (excluding bosses) If there is 12 elite packs in your run, you will always have 7 packs killed with 5 stacks of valor. It DOES NOT matter if you have stacks before running the vault. If anything it will make your run slower, and less efficient. Unless you believe that certain areas of a map have higher drop rates (tin foil hat)

Here is a video of my current run. I am killing around 50 elite packs per run. 600 per hour. Here is a video of 2 runs. These were both unusually low on packs, and unusually high on legendary drops.