Demon Hunter Gold Find Guide (300k+ per hour)

Demon Hunter Gold Find Guide submitted by dtabor2.

This build is intended for new 60's (geared 60's can do the same in hell or make more gold MFing act 3/4 Inferno.) It is based on speed (gold dropped/time) NOT gold dropped per run.

ALSO note--I almost never use Nether Tentacles (Lightning Bolt) so feel free to experiment with that open skill slot if you think it will meet the goal of faster runs.

I currently farm Act 3/4 Inferno most of the time, but wanted to share the following:

I make 300 thousand gold per hour farming Azmodan's Crater in Nightmare with no risk using this build. It also avoids boredom since you are constantly moving.

Each run takes 12-15 minutes and nets 65-80 thousand gold. If you loot the rares you can add about 5k to each run by selling to the vendors.

Key Items
Find CHEAP gold find and pickup radius gear. I started at about 100% GF for next to no cost. Gradually add better gear as you please. I currently run 200%+ gold find with a large radius.

The pickup radius is KEY to speed and efficiency.

A starter bow (700 DPS+) I currently use an 1129 xbow but used a 750ish to begin.


The Build:!aYb!YaYcaZ


HA - Devouring (Evasive-Covering makes an excellent alternate as well if you can avoid the backflips)

EA - Nether T's

SS - Special Recipe (Vault--Discipline is a good alternative for more speed--but less control)
Prep-Backup Plan (or Focused Mind if you choose)

Multishot - Fire at Will

Companion - Bats

Passives - Tactical, Vengeance, Steady Aim( you may prefer archery if you use bow)

This is a fun way to farm gold and is good for new 60's and geared 60's as well.
Enjoy the build!

Some may ask, "Why not Hell?" I make 120-150 k per run in hell with my setup, but it takes about twice as long per run and death is very possible. Nightmare nets slightly more per hour and has virtually no repair or risk.