Act II VoA Farming Run

Diablo III Act II VoA Farming Run submitted by sweep71.
  • Quest - The Black Soulstone - Soulstone Chamber
  • WP to Desolate Sands
  • Find Vault of the Assassin (Checkpoint)
  • Clear Vault
  • WP to Black Canyon Mines - Clear area
  • WP to Khasim Outpost - check for dungeon, also chance for gob
  • WP to Road to Alcarnus - Clear area/Check for Gob/Cross bridge kill pack(s) in town
  • WP to Path to Oasis - Check sewer for pack
  • WP to Ancient Path - Check for Goblin
  • Reset (leave game, resume game, spawns a portal to the Vault of Assassin)
  • Repeat
Reason I do this run is because Vault of the Assassin seems to have the most pack density, but finding the vault is a big time waster.