List of Bounties with Legendary Crafting Materials

Here's a list that shows which bounties drop legendary crating materials Thanks to mr_irony for the list.

ActWaypointBountyLegendary Crafting Drop
Act 1Cathedral L1GlidewingSydyru Bone
Act 1Cathedral L2FirestarterSydyru Bone
Act 1Cathedral L4Killian DamortWooden Stake
Act 1Cathedral L4Captain CageWoven Plate
Act 1Cemetery of the ForsakenDigger O'DellBorn's Key
Act 1Cemetery of the ForsakenThe Matriarch's BonesShard of the Entsteig Plate
Act 1Cemetery of the ForsakenDataminerBorn's Key
Act 1Festering WoodsEternal WarCartographer's Toolkit
Act 1Festering WoodsGrimsmackCartographer's Toolkit
Act 1Festering WoodsFeklar's GhostShard of Entsteig Plate
Act 1Festering WoodsHawthorne GableShard of Entsteig Plate
Act 1Festering WoodsLast Stand of the AncientsWoven Plate
Act 1Fields of MiseryCarrion FarmSydyru Bone
Act 1Fields of MiseryForlorn FarmElement of Celerity
Act 1Halls of Agony L2A Stranger in NeedHuman Cartilage
Act 1Halls of Agony L2Crassus the TormentorHuman Cartilage
Act 1Leoric's ManorKrailen the WickedBehlstun Rune
Act 1Leoric's ManorJezeb the ConjurerBehlstun Rune
Act 1Southern HighlandsScavenged ScabbardElement of Celerity
Act 1Southern HighlandsLozrak the PowerfulTorn Soul
Act 1The Weeping HollowMangeElement of Celerity
Act 2Archives of Zoltun KulleKill the ArchivistShard of the Entsteig Plate
Act 2Archives of Zoltun KulleThrumShattered Core
Act 2Archives of Zoltun KulleThe TomekeeperShard of Entsteig Plate
Act 2Archives of Zoltun KulleRockgutShattered Core
Act 2Dalghur OasisBashiokRydraelm Tome
Act 2Dalghur OasisSpirit of Khan DakabShard of Entsteig Plate
Act 2Desolate SandsRaihaUrn of Quickening
Act 2Howling PlateauRazormouthEssence of the Twin Seas
Act 2Howling PlateauSaha the SalsherUrn of Quickening
Act 2Road to AlcarnusYethBehlstun Rune
Act 2Road to AlcarnusShondar the InvokerBehlstun Rune
Act 2Road to AlcarnusHigh Cultist MurdosCultist Blood
Act 2Road to AlcarnusJhorum the ClericCultist Blood
Act 2Road to AlcarnusMaghdaMaghda's Tormented Soul
Act 3Arreat Crater L1GrowlfangHilt of the Silver Wolf
Act 3Arreat Crater L1Valifahr the NoxiousPhial of Weakness
Act 3Rakkis CrossingBlaze of GloryCartographer's Toolkit
Act 3StonefortThromp the BreakerSymbol of the Guardian Brotherhood
Act 3StonefortBashface the TruncheonSymbol of the Guardian Brotherhood
Act 3The BattlefieldsTriagePhial of Weakness
Act 3The BattlefieldsDeadgraspPhial of Weakness
Act 3The Core of ArreatScorpitoxBloody Pincer
Act 3The Core of ArreatAxgore the CleaverDemon Skin
Act 3The Core of ArreatAzmodanLyekum's Diary
Act 3The Core of ArreatGorog the BruiserSkull of Raylend
Act 3The Keep Depths L1ThornbackShimmering Quill
Act 3The Keep Depths L1Captain Donn AdamsWoven Plate
Act 3The Keep Depths L2BholenSkull of Raylend
Act 3The Keep Depths L2The CrusherSymbol of the Guardian Brotherhood
Act 3Tower of the Damned L1CrabbsBloody Pincer
Act 3Tower of the Damned L1GholashCartographer's Toolkit
Act 3Tower of the Damned L1HaxxorDemon Skin
Act 3Tower of the Damned L1Demonika the WickedDefiled Doll
Act 3 StonefortBricktopSymbol of the Guardian Brotherhood
Act 4Gardens of Hope 1st TierTorchlighterSkelon's Dice
Act 4Gardens of Hope 2nd TierKao'AhnShuddering Demon Bone
Act 4Gardens of Hope 2nd TierOah'TashShuddering Demon Bone
Act 4Hell Rift L1SledgeQuaking Vial
Act 4Hell Rift L1HammermashQuaking Vial
Act 4The Silver Spire L1Pyres the DamnedAngelic Shard
Act 4The SIlver Spire L1IzualAngelic Shard
Act 4The Silver Spire L1Kysindra the WretchedDefiled Doll
Act 4The Silver Spire L2Rhau'KyeLiving Flame
Act 4The Silver Spire L2HauresCaptured Nightmare
Act 5Battlefields of EternityHaziaelAngelic Shard
Act 5Battlefields of EternitySartorGlowing Ore
Act 5Battlefields of EternityBorgothSkelon's Dice
Act 5Pandemonium Fortress L2MalthaelReaper's Fear