Inferno Goblin Farming Guide

Inferno Goblin Farming Guide submitted by UkiyaEJL.

Start with Act1 Quest The Legacy of Cain, Inferno Difficulty.
  • Port to Old Tristram, and look for the dungeon called Dark Cellar, the dungeon doesnt always spawn, so just reset the quest then redo it again.
  • Inside will be some trash mobs, and a chance to spawn a normal chest and the treasure goblin.  If the goblin doesnt spawn, just reset and repeat.
  • Ideal with a 4man party, each member makes a game and searches for the goblin until he/she finds one and then all other players join in the game.  
  • Clear the trash mobs first, be sure not to touch the goblin and dont bring followers.  Stack up a lot of +MF gear when killing the goblin.  
  • Rinse and repeat.
Note: This is very useful for hardcore players since its very safe and its almost the same as farming elite/champions mobs.