Witch Doctor Bears Inferno MF Build

Diablo III Witch Doctor Bears Inferno MF build submitted by SweRaZ.

This build assumes that you have at least 1 tank with you to give you room to "melee-nuke" on. It is also a group build and I cannot recommend this on solo play.

So, why? how?


Darts, Main ranged attack with 180% poison dmg is pretty damn good for strays that wander off or tries to stab you in the back when tank isn't around or when mana is out.

Bears, This will be your ultimate nuke power but it's basically melee range so be careful when you set it up and should only be spammed when all 4 CD's are down.

Spirit walk, A must, don't ever ever let this off your hotkeys in Hell and beyond, period.
Soul Harvest, This should be equally obvious since you want to maximize dmg for the elite groups you want to farm.

Fetish Army, Excellent to keep CD's down so you get that 300% regen. Just pop whenever you meet an elite pack to help the tank set things up.

Big Bad Vodoo, The 20% atk speed and 30% dmg alone should eb enough to say why but also the above with keeping CD's down since you want the Bears to be your main source of dmg and its costly.


Spirit Vessel, I tried leaving this be a few times but just try it out once and your group will thank you for it. Not dying to silly mistakes or simply taking a sh!t ton of dmg at times is invaluable.

Vision Quest, Your reason to pick bears because it supports your mana pool to dish out the dmg you want.
Pierce the Veil, Same as above.

Just keep the CD's down at all times with the exception of popping Spirit walk when needed in sticky situations since it will boost your mana 30% while the 300% regen kicks in. 

Set up a good position for large enemies like act bosses so all 3 bears hit them.