Witch Doctor Hell Build

Witch Doctor Hell Build submitted by Zephirius.

The Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#afYhdT!ZXg!accaZa

I have found this to be really effective at both large groups of mobs and also taking out rare/champion mobs.

I am using gear with the main stats being int and vit with thorns and life per second regen. Currently i'm sitting on 1400 dmg in thorns and 350 life per second and 3k dps.

I find this build to be very versatile and you can play around with locust swarm skill to accommodate various situations (sometimes I use fetish army instead of locust). The locust is great for the mana rune because I am not using VQ or SA for mana regen. No I can't just spam Zombie Bears all day BUT I can get off around 7-10 waves of them while my pets take all the damage. Zombie dogs do die in intense fights, but usually the CD is back up by the time they die.

Now I can already hear the people saying "wait until Inferno" but this is something I will try to make work. I feel it is very gear dependent of a build but I also believe it CAN work. Only time will tell but I feel as of now my pets are super durable and the zombie bears/locust just add to the devestion. I am currently level 54 on Hell difficulty.

HP - 21000
DPS - 3k
Thorns Dmg - 1400
Health per sec - 350